About Virtual Geisai

In 2020, we will held virtual Geisai for the first time.
It offers concerts, exhibitions, guerrilla performances, and interview projects in a way that only virtual reality can.
This year's theme is "the". Why don't you come to the Virtual Arts Festival with your own crown?
To more people, and to the world. We bring the passion of TUA students to you.

Main graphic

Responsible for the main graphic:Io Funabashi

It's one of the articles, attached to something that can be identified.
It is often used for  common understanding between listener and speaker or for things that only exist in this world in one form or another.
It may also be used to include the meaning of preeminent, incomparable, or supreme.

Each student at Tokyo University of the Arts has been brought up in a different environment and has studied in a different way, so there is no doubt that we are all unique.
Such students look at the questions of the world every day and answer them in the form of "art" that only they can express themselves.
Today, the word "globalization" has become so commonplace that it is not even used anymore, but rather, the questions that abound in the world transcend national borders and are now treated as universal.
We, the students, are sure to do more than ever before to attract not only students in Japan, but also the world, which will make Tokyo University of ''the'' Arts live up to its name.

Tokyo University of the Arts, where the students who deserve "the" crown gather. We are sure "the" Geisai will be full of inspiration beyond your expectation.


藝祭委員長 木村浩太

Chairman of Geisai committee Kota Kimura

The annual geisai is not here.
The fever of the "Geisai" in Ueno cannot be carried out to this wide world of electronics.
Our goal is about creating new heat in this venue.
There are questions that can be asked and answered because of this venue, it must be.
We would be happy if you could touch the art of each and every one of us that we have been facing every day.
We hope that this event will be a good opportunity for you to visit the Geisai after this year.
From your place, please enjoy the "Virtual Geisai" as freely as you like.
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped to make this event possible.
We hope you will find your own wonderful crown.


Chairman of Geisai committee

Kota Kimura

学長 澤和樹

President Kazuki Sawa

 The global spread of a COVID-19, which at the end of last year seemed to be just the other side of the world, has changed the whole world. Every year, the creation of the mikoshi (portable shrine) for the Geisai , mainly by the new students, is an important opportunity for students to communicate with each other as they work hard together  to create a real sense of being a "Geidaisei", (a student of TUA) by breaking through the difficult entrance examinations, and it is also an important opportunity to nurture the bond between them. In response to the declaration of a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 in April, the production of mikoshi, and the Geisai with more than 10,000 visitors per day, had to be cancelled. It was a difficult decision for the executive committee and the university authorities, but the TUA students would turn anything into great opportunity. While the online classes started a month late from May, the online "Virtual Geisai" was about to begin, making use of the skills that they had accumulated through  practical lessons and work production. I am looking forward to exploring new ways of artistic expression at "with COVID-19" and "after COVID-19" and making it the one and only "the" geisai.

Kazuki Sawa, President of Tokyo University of the arts. 
副学長 安良岡章夫

Vice President Akio Yasuraoka

 "The" first came to me through "The Beatles"; I have a faint memory of seeing them perform in Japan in 1966 on TV. I was a huge wrestling fan until the 1980s, for example, "Abdullah the Butcher". The former is the best! The latter sucks! Each is incomparable in its own way. If "the" is written as 座:in japanese, this word has same pronunciation as "the" and it means"the seat". This is a place where a number of people are gathered, or a gathering of them.
People who advocate an extremely individualistic existence gather in this "place" is the way of the Tokyo University of the Arts.
 In this sense, the Geisai  must have been a great opportunity for them to show their creative energy to people outside of the university.
In this year, Geisai had to be cancelled due to COVID-19, the "Virtual Geisai " was planned.Every year, Geisai is filled with a human-like atmosphere, which is rare nowadays, but this time it will unfold in a cool way. You may find an unknown discovery there.
 Anyway, I hope that "The Geidai" will show us the bottom strength. I wish them success.


Trustee,Vice President (Research) Akio Yasuraoka 
副学長 清水泰博

Vice President Yasuhiro Kiyomizu

 This year's global pandemic of COVID-19 has  made us all realize  again that we are all on a delicate balance of "Spaceship Earth”. Today, we're reminded of the reality that what happens somewhere can affect the entire planet at once.This year's Geisai will be something that has never been done before. What can we do there?

 Actually, I believe that the more difficult the times are, the more likely it is that we can do something good. This is because I think that the constraints of the difficulty force people to think deeply. I'm expecting the deep and thoughtful expression, not seeing the fact that we're limited in what we can do as a negative, but rather as an opportunity to try out new forms of expression that we haven't had before. I'm looking forward to The Geisai 2020, where we will see a number of never-before-seen expressions that turn bad into good of the situation in the COVID-19.

Trustee,Vice President (Research) Yasuhiro Kiyomizu     

Register of geisai commissioners

Planning section

  • Section leader・Committee leaderKota KimuraArchitecture
  • Deputy section leader・Deputy committee leaderAkari AotaMusical Creativity and the Environment
  • Deputy section leaderHajime NomuraOil Painting
  • Accountant・Chief accountantLisa IshiiArchitecture
  • Covidー19 measures・stream event planningAkane MaedaComposition
  • Safety measures・stream event planningMitsuru FukushimaArchitecture
  • Safety measures・web site planningHibiki KogureCrafts
  • Assistant・web site planningJutaro SekitaArchitecture

Event section

  • Section leaderMinano HiranoMusicology
  • Deputy section leaderChihiro YataAesthetics and Art History
  • AccountantYu WatanabeAesthetics and Art History
  • Yuka YoshidaComposition
  • Iori MurasatoComposition
  • Shunsuke OmoriMusical Creativity and the Environment
  • Mina FujigakiMusical Creativity and the Environment
  • Miyako ShigaMusicology
  • Yusuke TakamoriJapanese Painting
  • Ikumi TakedaCrafts
  • Miyu WatanabeCrafts
  • Morito KudoArchitecture

Music performance section

  • Section leaderInoue MomokaMusicology
  • Deputy section leaderAzuki OtsuMusical Creativity and the Environment
  • AccountantYui AmanoComposition
  • Moe WakayamaMusical Creativity and the Environment
  • Shun KatoAesthetics and Art History
  • Mao KoyamaAesthetics and Art History
  • Kana NagataniArchitecture
  • Kaho FunauraMusicology
  • Maito KanekoMusicology
  • Roka YoshidaVocal Music
  • Takumi WadaVocal Music
  • Kaho GotoOil Painting

Advertise planning section

  • Section leaderYukiko ShinkaiDesign
  • Deputy section leaderMaria IwasaDesign
  • AccountantMiri ShibataDesign
  • ADIo FunabashiDesign
  • Visual team leaderKyoka OgiharaDesign
  • Deputy visual team leaderMao WatanabeDesign
  • Accountant of visualAkari EndoDesign
  • Kurumi MatsunagaDesign
  • Masahiro HaradaDesign
  • Manaka TakanagaDesign
  • Iri KimaDesign
  • Jintsuki TouDesign
  • Minami OkonogiDesign
  • Uta MasaiDesign
  • Hiro IgarashiDesign
  • Sana KitagawaArchitecture 
  • Brochure team leaderMinako YamaguchiDesign
  • Deputy brochure team leaderMie IizukaDesign
  • Accountant of brochureMaaya KawamuraDesign
  • Rana OzawaDesign
  • Mako GenkawaDesign
  • Nami NishidaDesign
  • Anna YabuDesign
  • Ayami FukaseDesign
  • Hiyori IshiwataDesign
  • Momo WatanabeDesign
  • Wakana EbaraDesign
  • Ami KomatsuzakiDesign 
  • Collectibles team leaderMasaharu NoguchiDesign
  • Deputy collectibles team leaderIo FunabashiDesign
  • Accountant of collectiblesNene KasaharaDesign
  • Matsuri NieDesign
  • Kantaro MizunoDesign
  • Natsumi OnoDesign
  • Taishi HatanoDesign
  • Keiyu NakanoDesign
  • Shuhei NomotoDesign 
  • Web team leaderJutaro SekitaArchitecture
  • Deputy web team leaderYukiko ShinkaiDesign
  • Accountant of webMei KumazakiDesign
  • Shiyuu KudoArchitecture

Stage section

  • Section leaderKokoro NemotoArchitecture
  • Deputy section leaderTsubasa IkedaMusical Creativity and the Environment
  • AccountantHatsuho NakajimaMusical Creativity and the Environment 
  • Saki YoshidaMusical Creativity and the Environment
  • Nanako MatsuyoshiMusical Creativity and the Environment
  • Shio HayakawaMusical Creativity and the Environment

Exhibition section

  • Section leaderHinako YoshinoMusicology
  • Deputy section leaderRin NakanishiSculpture
  • Deputy section leaderSanae KusumiMusicology
  • AccountantKotowa MuronagaMusicology
  • Saneaki MasaokaSculpture
  • Yuiki NagataSculpture
  • Atsuko SugimotoAesthetics and Art History

Information section

  • Section leaderFuka KurosawaOil Painting
  • Deputy section leaderHaruno ItoAesthetics and Art History
  • AccountantYuka MakinoMusicology 
  • Keigo KuriharaArchitecture

Security and cleaning section

  • Section leaderMomo WatanabeDesign
  • Deputy section leaderHironobu YoshidaVocal Music
  • AccountantShuntaro watanabeOil Painting
  • Saki SerikawaVocal Music
  • Jun HinoVocal Music
  • Rikiya MisakiVocal Music
  • Eri YamamotoOil Painting

Happi (Japanese clothing for festival) section

  • Section leaderAkihiko MurayamaAesthetics and Art History
  • Deputy section leaderChisato SaitoDesign
  • AccountantNozomu KishimotoAesthetics and Art History
  • AccountantZipei ChenInstrumental Music
  • Akane ItoJapanese Painting
  • Atsuko SugimotoAesthetics and Art History
  • Chie MasakiAesthetics and Art History
  • Mao KoyamaAesthetics and Art History
  • Kana JodoAesthetics and Art History
  • Miri ShibataDesign

Shopping arcade section

  • Section leaderGakushi DoiMusical Creativity and the Environment
  • Deputy section leaderMegumi IzawaDesign
  • AccountantAi SaitoAesthetics and Art History
  • Hikari WakeMusical Creativity and the Environment
  • Noriyuki TakigawaMusical Creativity and the Environment
  • Kana JodoAesthetics and Art History
  • Nagai RinaCrafts

Mikoshi (portable shrine) section

  • Section leaderGaku SugimotoJapanese Paintin
  • Deputy section leaderYumi ShinoharaCrafts
  • Deputy section leaderShun OkadaSculpture
  • AccountantKeiko KoshimizuAesthetics and Art History
  • AccountantShizuku TaguchiJapanese Painting
  • AccountantRin YoshidaAesthetics and Art History
  • ConstructionKoki MinamiArchitecture
  • Rina MiyauchiJapanese Painting
  • Mei KashiwayamaJapanese Painting
  • Yusuke TakamoriJapanese Painting
  • Riki KatoCrafts
  • Ryota NakazawaCrafts
  • Yuki SawaCrafts
  • Keiichiro FujimotoDesign
  • Nami NishidaDesign
  • Taichi KanekoArchitecture
  • Yo NishizawaArchitecture
  • Kyuto FukudaJapanese Painting
  • Kotaro YamadaSculpture
  • Ryojiro TanSculpture
  • Kosho SaitoSculpture
  • Hiroaki TeradaSculpture
  • Yuna KasagiSculpture
  • Junpei OtaguroSculpture
  • Riru MizuguchiOil Painting
  • Muyun LiInter-Media Art
  • Ryohei SaitoVocal Music

Booth section

  • Section leaderFuka MorishitaMusicology
  • Deputy section leaderMona TomiokaAesthetics and Art History
  • AccountantMako GenkawaDesign
  • Hiyori IshiwataDesign
  • Wakana EbaraDesign
  • Kodai OzawaOil Painting
  • Yukino NoudaAesthetics and Art History
  • Taichi KanekoArchitecture
  • Sana KitagawaArchitecture
  • Yuma IharaMusicology
  • Marina AmadaTraditional Japanese Music
  • Maho MaedaVocal Music
  • Kana OgawaVocal Music

Rental materials section

  • Section leaderSachi OhoriMusicology
  • Deputy section leaderMai TsukaharaMusicology
  • AccountantMomoyo TsuchiyaMusicology 

Register of engineer


  • Meg Tokunaga
  • Ryo Fukuda

Virtual Concert

  • Sound crew
  • Kohei Iseki
  • Asuna Ito
  • Kotone Ito
  • Tsubasa Ikeda
  • Shunsuke Omori
  • Ryo Sano
  • Hisako Nakaoka
  • Tatsuaki Nishioka
  • Aya Hasegawa
  • Shio Hayakawa
  • Mina Fujigaki
  • Moe Mukaitani
  • Miki Morinaga
  • Film director
  • Mie Iizuka
  • Hiyori Ishiwata
  • Chika Inagaki
  • Akari Endo
  • Iri Kima
  • Jintsuki Tou
  • Nami Nishida
  • Masahiro Harada
  • Takaki Hirakoba
  • Minako Yamaguchi
  • Mao Watanabe

Virtual Street

  • Manager
  • Shunsuke Omori
  • Mina Fujigaki
  • Sound crew
  • Hina Abiko
  • Tsubasa Ikeda
  • Kohei Iseki
  • Asuna Ito
  • Kotone Ito
  • Akane Katsukura
  • Yuu Kondo
  • Ryo Sano
  • Nao Tawaratsumida
  • Tatsuaki Nishioka
  • Shio Hayakawa
  • Rinka Morisaki
  • Hana Yoshida

Performance Movie

  • Manager
  • Tsubasa Ikeda

Register of translator

  • Chief translator
  • Naoto John Tanaka
  • Translator
  • Charissa Naomi Witmer
  • Ayumu Kawamura
  • Keiko Koshimizu
  • Hinami Koyama
  • Remi Hayashi
  • Akihiko Murayama
  • Kyou Watanabe
  • Shuntaro Watanabe