Gei colle

This year, the “Geidai x Collection” has started!
Originally, it was a project to be performed on stage, however due the cancellation of the regular event it will now be held as a social networking project under the title of “Geidai x Collection vol.0”.
What is beauty?
The answer differs from person to person and there are multiple ways to express “beauty”.
We would like to collect a variety of artworks expressing your idea of “beauty”.
We hope that the future of “Geidai x Collection” will be a place for all TUA students who contemplate the idea of beauty.

-What is “Geidai x Collection”?

Each team creates one piece of work based on the two elements of “art” and “music”, that pursues their idea of “beauty” and expresses it on stage. Until last year the event was known as “Miss Geidai” the main event of Geisai, this year it has been renewed.

- What is a beauty contest in the style of Geidai?

The “Miss Geidai” that have been previously held is different from the so-called “beauty contest” that are generally held in Japan. In a sense, it is a “Geidai style” event to have a stage performance that is based on the three pillars of modeling, music and art. There were many questions about the name and execution of the event. The executive committee had a lot to consider to improve this event, which has led to the reinvention.

-What is beauty?(Thoughts in the project)

The goal of "Miss Geidai" is not only to show the beauty on the outside but to demonstrate the artistic talents of the TUA students and to broaden the range of their artistic expression.
“Geidai x Collection” aims to further expand upon the definition of “beauty” through new perspectives.

(1) The element of elimination of the model.
We thought that with art and music, students may not necessarily need models to express their beauty on stage.
In the name “Geidai x Collection”, the X is a multiplication sign that represents the two pillars of art and music.

(2) Elimination of Miss.
The title “Miss” is used as a term of endearment for a woman; however, we feel that this title may limit the potential of the event.
We hope that “Geidai x Collection” will be a place of free expression open to all TUA students, regardless of gender.


Please click the link below to see the full list of entries.




Yukiko Shinkai (2nd year student of the Department of Design)
松橋和也(美術学部先端芸術表現科3年)/Kazuya Matsuhashi (3rd year student of the Department of Inter-Media Art)
荒川弘憲(美術学部先端芸術表現科4年)/Koken Arakawa (4th year student of the Department of Inter-Media Art)
間杉杏(美術研究科建築専攻修士2年)/Anzu Masugi (2nd year graduate student of the Department of Architecture)





We feel the light, water, wind and Nohara (field in Japanese) outside.The videos that filmed the outside are accompanied by short instructions. Play them back in the house to respond to the instructions.We are also posting on Instagram, please follow!



I've spent the last few months of my life feeling like online communication was separating me from the world. Even as a musician, I wanted to believe that online is an alternative to real life.
But when I saw this work, I was surprised at how well "home" and " outside" can be connected without sharing the actual atmosphere. I felt that maybe it's not always possible to say that online is an alternative to real life.
I would like to install “Nohara” at my house too!

Minano Hirano
(Event Division Manager of the Geisai Executive Committee / 2nd year student of the Department of Musicology)


田中ジョン直人/Naoto John Tanaka


It's time to stop and think



This photo was taken at a place that students of TUA would have passed by at least once. However, when the photo is cut out like this, it gives a completely different impression from the actual wall that blends into the everyday landscape.
When I walked into the university and visited this place, I found myself remembering this intentionally cropped piece and trying to find some meaning in it.
It looks like a pattern because it is actually just an overlap of marks that have been removed from the postings. However, it makes you anticipate something, and you can't help but pause. Literally, this work gave me an opportunity to pause.

Kota Kimura(Chairman of the Geisai executive committee / 2nd year student of the Department of Architecture)