Conversation with CEO of Startbahn, Inc.

Summary of Conversation with CEO of Startbahn, Inc.

Due to COVID-19, we have been forced to change how society should be, from a personal life to politics and economics.
In particular, it makes a significant impact on the art industry, which is restricted from exhibiting in real spaces.
Just like this year TUA is holding the virtual Geisai in place of a traditional Geisai, Startbahn is finding a breakthrough by technology under these circumstances.
In this event, Taihei Shii, CEO of Startbahn, Inc., which develops the technology to record the history of art works using blockchain, has an interview with Professor Yuko Hasegawa, who is a world famous art curator.
She tells us the pragmatic problems: what are the potentialities of digital preservation leveraging technology, why is it important in art, and what has been overlooked in the conventional way?



Taihei Shii, CEO of Startbahn, Inc.

Shii was born in 1977 and brought up in the U.S.He graduated from the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, The University of Tokyo, and then studied oil painting at Tama Art University, graduating in the Oil Painting Course in 2001.Since then, He executes works on the subject of “art in the Internet age” as an artist, and exhibits in art galleries and museums.He began to work out a plot of Startbahn in 2006, obtained a Japan and U.S. patents, and eventually opened a company while in graduate school.Now he teaches at TUA, and presents himself in many lectures and talk-shows.


Professor Yuko Hasegawa
Hasegawa is an art curator and critic.
She graduated in the Faculty of Law from Kyoto University, and from the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts.
She established the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. Currently she is the artistic director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, and the professor of the Graduate School of Global Arts of TUA.She directs Inujima "Art House Project," and also organizes a lot of biennales and international exhibitions including those of Thai, Moscow, and Venetian architecture.She was awarded Chevalier de l’Ordere des Arts et des Lettres and Ordem de Rio Branco.Her important work is Destroy, They say: Women Artist Subtly Traversing Boundaries published by Tokyo University of the Arts Press in 2017